Hotel Młyn Klekotki

Sento SPA Klekotki

Sento Spa is located behind the 600-year old oak tree and placed in the structure of the old village barn. The wooden barn was reconstructed to suit the SPA construction and its geometrically shaped rooms.

On entering the SPA building our guests will discover and experience high space, the smell of natural perfume oils and cedar wood-shavings, the sound of singing bowls and gongs, the feeling of warmth coming from the fire place and the taste of cherry tea. Our knowledge comes from the experience of the best specialists, we pass it to each other and learn from each other. This is the way of creating our own rituals and Japanese treatments. Our team consists of experienced and passionate people who inspire one another.

 The whole hotel facility is intentionally called a Wellness zone. On entering the hotel our guests start the journey to peace and relaxation through the individually matched rituals and treatments and through the energy of the surrounding trees and air.

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